About Us

Meet The Owner

Carol Jenkin, Owner of Lehigh Valley Healing Circle and now Alternative Healing Solutions. Carol Has been a practicing Massage Therapist/Structural Bodywork since 2004.

My Studies

Carol is a Graduate of Health options Institute, once located in Bethlehem, PA. She's a Certified Level 1 Structural Energetic Therapist (SET Structural Bodyworker), Don McCann’s Osteopathic Frontal Occipital Decompression and Cranial Structural Release, Neuromuscular and myofascial release Therapist, as well as a student of James Waslaski’s Orthopedic Massage.  Pure Bioenergy Therapist for both people and animals.

My Mission, My Passion

Carol believes that there isn't a condition that cannot be improved naturally and encourages her clients to embrace this same belief. 

Throughout her career she has built a strong reputation for being a goal and results-oriented bodyworker, working on people that suffered from musculoskeletal pain. 


*Carol has had amazing results in treating children and adults suffering from autism. *Providing rapid results to those who present chronic and acute pain.  

*Her true passion is assisting those suffering with post-concussion symptoms, dementia, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s.

She feels blessed to have discovered SET therapy because of the tools it provides, it makes it easy to help people with most any dysfunction presented effortlessly.

Carol's mission is to now prove to the public and the medical community that by removing the toxins and imbalances we accumulate in our bodies over time that we can recover faster and have the ability to reduce disease.