Alternative Healing Solutions has Dry Salt Therapy for Athletes,expands lungs, improves oxygen

Salt Treatments for Athletes

Gain an edge, and reach superior performance with dry salt therapy.

Top athletes are always looking to get the most out of their performance by training to reach their maximum potential. A big part of their training may include finding ways to improve their breathing patterns, optimizing lung capacity, and shortening recovery time.

Once thought of as just a way for individuals to combat respiratory and skin conditions, athletes are now turning to Salt treatments for athletes to gain an edge over the competition and improved athletic endurance.

Respiratory Conditions That Effect An Athlete's Performance



Airflow obstruction

Exposure to airborne allergens

Respiratory illnesses

Airway inflammation

Poor breathing patterns can lead to:

Increased dehydration

Increased recovery time

Elevated heart rate

Reduced stamina and performance

Increased likelihood of cramps and injury 

Once athletes can optimize their breathing, less breath is required, which in turn, means they have more air in reserve to achieve superior performance.

How Dry Salt Therapy Works For Athletes

Dissipates mucus from the airflow obstructions

Enhances lung capacity

Increased levels of oxygen and red blood cells

Provides anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects in the respiratory tract

Clear The Path

To prevent and treat respiratory weakness that often affect athletes, the Salt Therapy Association recommends introducing Dry Salt Therapy in sports training to better improve lung function and improve overall performance, endurance, and recovery.