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Salt Therapy for your Pets

Humans are not the only ones that benefit from Dry Salt Therapy (Halotherapy). Other land-based breathing animals have a respiratory and lung system similar to that of people. 

And, like people, animals and our pets are exposed to the same air we breathe which often contain pollutants, pollen, allergens, airborne diseases and more. They often experience the same issues including inflammation, extra mucus, and restrictive breathing.

Why Salt Therapy For Dogs And Cats

Most of the upper and lower airway conditions in dogs and cats are due to non-infectious causes with inflammatory airway disease associated with allergies or unknown triggers being the most common. Reactive airways result from ongoing irritation. These reactive airways tend to narrow the airways (bronchoconstriction) and produce excess mucus leading to difficulty breathing, and sometimes, cough and nasal discharge. Feline lower airway disease (FLAD) is an umbrella term to describe the conditions that lead to lung airway pathology in cats.

Benefits of Salt Therapy

Clears mucus from respiratory system

Dry salt for allergies

An effective decongestant

Perfect complementary treatment

Drug-free/eliminates the need for medication


Strengthens the immune system

No discomfort

How Salt Therapy Works

Once in the Salt Room, an animal will breathe in the dry salt aerosol created by the halogenerator.  As the animal inhales the aerosol, the dry salt goes to work inside the respiratory system by acting as an antibacterial agent, clearing secretion, and dissolving bacteria and pollutants lodged in the respiratory tract. Ultimately, this lessens inflammation in the lungs, thins out mucus build-up, improves lung function, and opens breathing passages.

The microparticles of dry salt that are dispersed into the air and not inhaled into the respiratory system eventually fall onto the skin. Because dry salt is ultra-absorbent, the microparticles permeate into the epidermis of your pet's skin, absorb oils, and reduce the frequency of irritating skin conditions. The natural antibacterial properties of salt can prevent the development of bacteria and help normalize the skin's ph level. Check out our Pet Salt Session in Emmaus!


Pet Friendly Salt Sessions

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